Advanced Registration, More Than Recruitment

By Theo Meek
Coordinator, Admissions and Records

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What do 3,183 students, a 93.2% full-time semester-to-semester retention rate, and an average enrollment of 15.8 credits all have in common? They are all characteristics of the freshmen class of Fall 2016 that participated in the University of Nevada, Reno’s Advanced Registration program.

Advanced Registration is a first semester recruitment and matriculation tool coordinated out of the Office of Admissions and Records. It is used to ensure enrollment in degree applicable courses, reduce enrollment melt of newly admitted freshmen, and assist with new student transition from high school. Advanced Registration partners student services with academic advising teams to enroll all new incoming freshmen into their first semester classes.

The most remarkable data collected from Advanced Registration is the success rate of the students that participate. Since its full implementation in 2013, the number of students who have participated has increased, as well as the average number of credits that students are enrolled in. Below is a breakdown of the average number of first semester credits that Advanced Registration students are enrolled in.

College 2013 2014 2015 2016 % Gain (’13-’16)
CABNR 13.4 14.5 15.3 16.0 119%
Business 14.2 14.1 15.7 15.6 110%
Education 14.0 14.8 15.6 15.6 111%
Engineering 13.5 14.1 15.5 15.5 115%
Health Sciences 13.8 14.9 15.3 15.8 114%
Journalism 13.9 14.9 15.7 16.1 116%
Liberal Arts 13.9 14.8 15.6 15.9 114%
Science 13.8 14.9 15.5 16.5 120%
Interdisciplinary 13.4 14.2 15.4 15.7 117%
University Average 13.8 14.6 15.5 15.8 114%

Credit enrollment continued to grow in Fall 2016 with the continuation of the program. Not only have we found that students are enrolled in a larger amount of credits during their first semester, but they also continue this momentum during their second semester. Below is a longitudinal look at those who participated in Advanced Registration in Fall of 2016 and their sequential enrollment in the Spring 2017 semester:

 College Fall 2016 Spring 2017
CABNR 15.9 15.3
Business 15.5 14.9
Education 15.6 14.5
Engineering 15.5 15.3
Health Sciences 15.7 15.5
Journalism 16.0 15.3
Liberal Arts 15.8 15.2
Science 16.3 15.4
Interdisciplinary 15.5 15.0
University Average 15.7 14.9

With the importance of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s (NSHE) 15-To-Finish and the University’s 30-To-Complete initiatives, Advanced Registration has been the catalyst of change for the institution to swiftly adapt to the mantra that “15 credits is full time”.

15-credit enrollment has not been the only important policy to be adopted by the University. The Continuous Enrollment Policy, established by NSHE, has put immediate pressure on Nevada’s colleges and universities to mandate enrollment in Math and English during a first-time freshman’s initial year at the University. With considerable assistance from Advanced Registration, the University of Nevada, Reno has maintained the highest percentage of students enrolled in Math during their first year across all colleges and universities in the state of Nevada.

Continuous Enrollment comparison graph of Math enrollment for first-time freshmen students showing that the University of Nevada, Reno has averaged higher enrollment than other 4-year institutions in the state.

The University of Nevada, Reno has seen great success due to a robust campus wide commitment to the implementation of the Continuous Enrollment Policy.

Apart from data relating to policy implementation, Advanced Registration is also able to identify students who are first generation. We identified first generation as students of which neither parent has obtained at least a Bachelors degree. Of all students who completed the Advanced Registration Questionnaire, 41% were identified as first generation college students. Furthermore, among Nevada high school graduates who participated, 44% were identified as first generation. Below is a summary of first generation students by the University’s predominant recruitment regions.

Washoe County, Nevada Clark County, Nevada Other County, Nevada Nevada Total Out of State Total
First Generation 407 425 155 987 382 1369
Non First Generation or Unknown 597 510 158 1265 705 1970
Grand Total 1004 935 313 2252 1087 3339

Advanced Registration’s successful implementation is made possible by maintaining strong relationships with our academic colleagues. The Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Joe Cline, and the Assistant Vice Provost of Undergraduate Academic Advising & Student Achievement, Dr. Derek Furukawa, have been instrumental in ensuring class availability needs are met, course sequencing is made a priority, and that the university successfully transitions into the University’s new Silver Core Curriculum.

As the institution continues to see fast growing populations of first-generation and students of color, the question now becomes, What is the future of Advanced Registration as a tool to support the diversification of the institution? Moreover, how can we further enhance Advanced Registration and other student support services at one of the most pinnacle points in a student’s college career: matriculation

The potential impact that Advanced Registration has is limitless; co-requisite remediation, developmental education, gateway course enrollment, core completion, and degree applicability are just some of the topics in which the program supports. My challenge to you all is this: Where else can we collaborate to support the Biggest Little City’s National Tier One institution in our venture to obtain R-1?

Advanced Registration is managed by the Office of Admissions and Records at the University of Nevada, Reno. For questions please contact Theo Meek, Registration Coordinator, at