Participation Instructions

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Faculty, staff, and students in the Division of Student Services are invited to submit a research blog or abstract as method to communicate & inspire research. We want to document your professional insight to build a research agenda that improves programs and services on our campus.

→ What is a research blog or abstract?

A research blog or abstract is a well developed paragraph (or two) that inspires, describes, or applies research! Please do incorporate current research in your written work. We want to tie your ideas and observations to the available research – this will help build a research agenda with your colleagues as potential collaborators.

  • 250 – 500 words or 1/2 to one page Word document single spaced.
    • We will take lengthier blogs, but strive to be clear and concise.
  • With an introduction/body/conclusion.
    • Grab our attention and be provocative. Then, link your ideas to research.
  • Provides logical connections and transitions between your observations and the available research.
    • Incorporate at least two research sources please.
  • Understandable to a wide audience.
    • Leave out jargon as much as possible, but do feel free include visuals (graphs, diagrams, charts, and pictures).

Let us help! From brainstorming to feedback, we will provide the support you need to get your research idea in to a professional post.

A) State your intention to create an abstract and we will hold you to it. Deadlines motivate.

B) Need some help organizing your thoughts, let us help you formulate a research question.

C) Draft an abstract and we will support its development with a critical eye to detail. Feedback is essential to create a clear, concise research idea and attract collaborators for your research project.

D) Need help finishing something you started in a class or for a work project, then let our team of editors give you feedback on that product to move it forward.

We encourage you to dig in to the data you hold in your office, to integrate current research to explain an experience, to challenge policy assumptions, or to apply theory to new areas of Student Services… let us know what inspires you and we will help you move from inspiration to action.

Email to get started. We are here to challenge and support you, but you have to take the first step.