Assessing Access & Outcomes

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These twenty-three posters reflect a collaborative effort across the division to apply a diversity-lens to information on access and outcomes. This is a deliberate exploration of the data we currently hold for the purpose of identifying gaps between student groups. Identifying and understanding the gaps (i.e. inequities) will help us create equality in opportunity and outcomes in pursuance of equity. Thank you for taking time to review these posters.

On Access or Equality in Opportunity

We can better prepare to engage under-served student groups on campus by applying a diversity-lens to identify gaps in access to opportunity. We must first determine who we serve and who we don’t before we can assess outcomes and impact. Assessments of outreach, enrollment, and exposure help us improve equality in opportunity when we are intentional about diversity and inclusion.  Twelve posters assess issues of access & equality in opportunity.

On Equality in Outcomes

Beyond educational opportunity, the assessment of outcomes forces us to ask if our services and programs are accomplishing what we expect – results matter. When we apply a diversity-lens to assess outcomes, we are assessing equality in outcomes. This is a necessary step before we can determine if our services and programs have an impact on University outcomes. Eleven posters focus on equality in outcomes.

On Creating Equity

Assessing equality in opportunity and outcomes should drive us to be more strategic improving the outcomes of students with the greatest need. When we design services to improve the outcomes of the students who need it most, our services and programs better serve everyone. By first identifying students most in need and then assessing our impact on their outcomes, we use our limited resources more strategically. Seven posters address issues of equity in outcomes.

Take time to discuss and deliberate what makes the information on these posters ACTIONABLE!
How can you use or apply the information and insights to your service or program?
This poster session made information accessible in small bites, but you can make it actionable.
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