First Step to Publication

Student Service faculty, staff, and students are invited to share a research abstract summarizing an idea for a research project.

  • Get your work and ideas out to your colleagues.
  • Identify collaborators to take your idea the next level.
  • Discuss trends in work or trends in research.
  • Get feedback to improve your work.
  • Find data to help you explore or investigate an observation.
  • Create knowledge through reflection.
  • Problem solve through story telling.

250-500 words. 500! That’s 1/2 to one page Word document single spaced.

Yes, 500 is the maximum. Less is better!

Start small. State your intention to write an abstract and we will hold you to it! Email your idea to

Need feedback to work out a research idea? Send whatever you have prepared to for feedback and support.

Have work lying around that you want to take to the next level? Send your abstract draft to to get feedback.

Just need some help getting your head around this opportunity? Email Jennifer Lowman, Perry Fittrer, Sandy Rodriguez, or Megan Pittman your questions.