Make writing a “habit of the mind”


Start small!

  • Write the FIRST 20 minutes of each day.
  • Before you open your email, write.
  • Block out the time on your calendar.
  • Make it known that you do not want to be disturbed.
  • Content over form! Just draft.
  • At minute 20, identify your next day’s goal.
    • Make it a routine, but make it more about the destination

Keep it going!

  • Find a critical friend to keep you honest.
  • Start a writing support group
  • Use social coercion
  • Make shared deadlines
  • Keep drafts in a shared space, like Dropbox
  • Make giving feedback necessary part of group membership

Pick your destination early!

  • Identify potential outlet
  • Find the “submission guidelines”
  • Start reading current articles in your outlet of interest
  • Find collaborators
  • Set deadlines