Melisa Choroszy, Natalie Ehleringer, Lexi Erwin, & Deserie Tillman share what they are doing to create universal access.
Presented to NAACO (North American Assoc. of Commencement Offices)

Download (PDF, 517KB)

Jennifer Lowman and Lisa Maletsky share results from the SCCS 2016 survey.
Presented to the Division of Student Services, April 2017.

Download (PDF, 668KB)

Christopher Partridge & Amy Koeckes share data on food insecurity on our campus.
Presented first at NASPA 2017.

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Sandra Rodriguez, Jennifer Lowman, & James Beattie discuss data on political engagement from the 2016 civic engagement community needs assessment survey.
Presented first at NASPA 2017.

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Jennifer Lowman, Perry Fittrer, Sandra Rodriguez, and Shannon Ellis discuss building a research and publication initiative
and “scholarly leadership” in Student Services.
Presented first at NASPA 2017.

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