Scholarship is Leadership

Scholarship will move our work with students from practice to influence (Hatfield & Wise, 2015). Good scholarship is a critically reflective process that integrates and applies research to improve student services. As scholarly practitioners we are well positioned to articulate the student voice and integrate student experiences in to the practices and theories that inform the administration of higher education. But why stop there? Our work intersects with psychology, sociology, business & finance, political science, organizational science, public health, and career development… you get the idea! We have a responsibility to make theory and research benefit students and a multitude of pathways to do so.

Scholarship will also support your professional development. Good scholarship is a critically reflective process that produces learning. Your learning! Critical reflection identifies your limitations and reveals what you don’t know — honestly, it should make you a little uncomfortable! But, if you open yourself to feedback, collaboration, gathering data, and examining evidence, then you will come to know yourself through the process of research (Hatfield & Wise, 2015)!

Scholarship helps educators EDUCATE. Your voice is important. Capture what you learn through research and share it. Make your voice heard, become a resource for your office, our division, and the university.

Read more by Lisa Hatfield and Vicki Wise (2015) A Guide to Becoming a Scholarly Practitioner in Student Affairs. Available at Amazon, but we also keep a few copies around to share with our colleagues. Contact Perry Fittrer to check out a copy.