1. Great article! I agree that we in Student Services are in a unique position to inspire active civic participation of our students. The benefits are as you mentioned, along with a broadening of perspective, empathy, and understanding of another outside of themselves. Club and organization participation is often a recommended form of mental health treatment as well, as students are encouraged to meet a need within their community as a way of empowering their own sense of agency and self-efficacy. I also appreciate your mention of intersectionality, as I would be interested to learn how students’ multiple identities impact their experience of, and engagement with, this facet of their college life.

    • I also appreciate your comment about intersectionality, I am too interested in learning how our multiple identities impact experiences of civic engagement or engagement in general. I noticed that the research is very limited in this area. I would love to learn more about club and org. participation as a form of mental health treatment, lets collaborate on a piece or continue to conversation! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, have a great day!

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