Where to Publish

Early in your writing process you should get to know the expectations of publications that interest you. Browse the articles most recently published. Look for information on the formal “aims” or “scope” of the publication; in addition, look into the informal goals or agenda set by the current editors. Lastly, know the submission standards – length/word count, citations, figures, formality – see the pubs website for details.

A few things to consider:

A) What are the expectations for your basis of knowledge?

  • Peer-reviewed outlets expect first-hand knowledge of facts, figures, data, & analysis.
  • Non peer-reviewed outlets are more likely to accept second or third-hand knowledge on key elements, such as data and analysis.

B) How are sources cited? 

  • Peer-reviewed journals expect in-text citations of the original source material – second-hand citations are not generally accepted.
  • Non peer-reviewed outlets may accept second-hand sources or sources compiled in a bibliography.

C) What is the review and revision process for submitted work?

  • Peer-reviewed journals use a feedback process wherein experts review the content and often require revisions.
  • Non peer-reviewed outlets vary widely both in feedback and required edits.

Most of the resources listed below are available at no cost through the library to university faculty, staff, and students with a netid.

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Assessment Practices

Research in Student Affairs

Research in Higher Education

Social Science Education Research Journals

Scholarly Content (Not Peer-Reviewed)

Magazines and Trade Journals (Not Peer-Reviewed)

Other things to know: